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JGLS refers to : Journal of the Gypsy Lore Society

I reading through Jim Haywards Buckland family Kith & Kin
* Quote From book*
"The old Bucklands are chosen as the back bone of this family history because of their large numbers and they married into and influenced the lives of so many other travelling families as well as a great many of the non travelling inhabitants of the areas they worked"

This is my own research : With added info gleaned from various sources*

Buckland BMD

BUCKLAND William 1838 37 Lyncombe/Widcombe Bath
BUCKLAND Frances 1840 2 Lyncombe/Widcombe Bath
BUCKLAND Jane Ann 1840 2 Lyncombe/Widcombe Bath
BUCKLAND Jane Ann 1840 1 Lyncombe/Widcombe Bath
BUCKLAND Lewis 1840 25 Chew Magna Bath
BUCKLAND Mary 1840 4 Malmesbury East Wiltshire Chippenham
BUCKLAND Mary 1847 80 Malmesbury East Wiltshire Chippenham
BUCKLAND Sophie 1852 81 Harptree Bath
BUCKLAND Absalom 1855 36 Midsomer Norton Bath
BUCKLAND Tim/Barrington 1856 102 Chew Magna Bath
BUCKLAND Celia 1857 80 Lyncombe/Widcombe Bath
BUCKLAND Ambrose 1866 1 Walcot - First Series Bath
BUCKLAND Ann 1866 60 Lyncombe/Widcombe Bath
BUCKLAND Lydia 1867 0 Walcot Bath
BUCKLAND Thomas 1869 57 Abbey Bath
BUCKLAND Emmanuel 1874 80 Lyncombe/Widcombe Bath
BUCKLAND James Barrington 1875 78 Midsomer Norton Bath
BUCKLAND Eliza 1878 67 Abbey Bath
BUCKLAND George 1881 24 Twerton - First Series Bath
BUCKLAND James 1881 50 Walcot - First Series Bath
BUCKLAND Caroline 1883 52 Walcot - First Series Bath

BUCKLAND Henry Spouse SMITH Ann 1840 Box Wiltshire Chippenham
BUCKLAND Elizabeth Groom AUST Uriah 1842 Bath, St Michael with Paul (Broad Street) Bath
BUCKLAND John Spouse OATLEY Ann 1868 Bath, St Swithin's Walcot (Paragon) Bath
BUCKLAND Sinify Groom BOSWELL Septimus 1884 Bath, St Paul Bath
Selina BOSWELL Groom Elias 1870 Bath, Holy Trinity (Monmouth Place) Bath
BUCKLAND Frances - mother -FENNER 1838 Lansdown Bath
BUCKLAND Jane -mother- FENNER 1838 Lansdown Bath
BUCKLAND Mary Ann-mother - BUCKLAND 1860 Walcot Bath
BUCKLAND Lavinia-mother - LOVERIDGE 1896 Twerton Bath

Prudence Buckland married Apr/May/June 1845 Clutton Somerset Elihu Noaks
Her father was Barrington Buckland & Mother Charlotte
Could be the Tim Barrington Buckland who died 1856 Chew Magna Bath -aged 102 -born 1754
I believe his brother was Edward Buckland b 1755 -died 1845 - who was married to Diana Smith

Abraham Buckland married Emily Shaw Jul/Aug/Sept 1863 Abingdon Berkshire

Abraham Barrington/Barendon* Buckland had son : Dimiti Buckland who partnered Loli Smith : daughter of Alabon Smith :
Abraham Barrington B Buckland ended up in Somerset

Could be Dimiti Buckland with Loli using Tryphena?

1871* Census Harwell Wantage Berkshire
Timothy Buckland.............78 b 1793 Wiltshire Tinker
Tryphena.....................66 b 1805 Oxfordshire Hawker
Alice .......................12 b 1859 Wiltshire Grand daughter
Victoria......................7 b 1864 Appleton Berkshire Grand daughter
Louisa .......................4 b 1867 Gloucestershire Grand daughter
Rebecca Smith............. 22 b 1849 Lamborne Berkshire Tramps
Elizabeth....................20 b 1851 Berkshire
Eley.........................11 b 1860 Berkshire
Onediphendra..................9 b 1862 Sutton courtney Berkshire
William ......................1 b 1870 Didbrook Oxfordshire

Alabon Smith came from Northamptonshire ,but came to travel Berkshire with his sons
Arkles & Jonas ., his daughter Loli Smith married *Old* Dimiti Buckland they had Uriah * Butcher Buckland
and another daughter Contance who married Lewis Boswell

Alabon Smith had at least 2 brothers :
Jonas Smith & Ambrose Smith : baptised 18th May Calne Wiltshire, he was 1st husband of Mary Smith b 1751
The parents being Arthur Smith & Mary ?

In 1822 Ambrose's son Ferdinand Smith aged 50 was tried at Suffolk Assizes for Burgalry along with his 16 yr old son called
Ambrose & his Uncle Alabon's - son in law Lewis Boswell aged 30 married to Konki * Constance* Smith

I found this :
England & Wales Criminal records 1791- 1892
Lent 1822 Suffolk
Ambrose Smith : accused of Burglary .......... acquittal
Lewis Boswell & Ferdinand Smith accused of Burglary ............Death
Sharon Floate of JGLS .. adds both older men were to be transported to New South Wales, but Ferdinand died in prison hulk in 1826 Portsmouth
The younger Ambrose who was aquitted became the *Jasper Petulengro* Smith who is mentioned in George Borrows books.

In 1842 a Jonas Smith was transported for 10 years for cattle stealing
Found record:
England & Wales Criminal records 1791- 1892

Jonas Smith b 1805 -aged 37 convicted of Cattle Stealing 3rd Jan 1842 - Berkshire /transported for 10 years

Alabon Smith brother Jonas below: believed to have married in 1782 Constance Smith : Bletchington Oxfordshire

Jonas Smith & Constance Smith had children:
these are their children:
Silverthorn Smith Christened 2nd July 1786 Melksham Wiltshire -married Laini Buckland cousin to Winngi
Mendoza Smith Christened 6th Dec 1789 Broughton Oxfordshire- married Ann Hodgkins 1815 Lincolinshire
Almperella Smith buried 9th April 1794 Langley Burrell Wiltshire
Eleanor Smith christened 1796 Seend Wiltshire : who married Absolom Buckland *the elder* cousin to Edward *Winngi * Buckland b 1790 who was husband of Lucy Boswell -daughter of Lawrence Boswell & Mary*Betty* Buckland
Winngi parents were Edward* Winggi* Buckland & Paradise Lee

Eleanor & Absolom Buckland had 6 children:
Absolom Buckland : Bapt 1830 Stratton St Mary Wiltshire who partner was Delia Buckland
Cinderella Buckland : Bapt 1832 Stratton St Margaret Wiltshire -lived with partner : Benjamin Boswell
Jim Buckland : Bapt 1837 Stratton St Margaret Wiltshire -partner Emily Green
John Buckland : partner Fairnetti Green
Darklis Buckland : 1st wife of Seth Boswell
Sinfai Buckland : Septmus Boswell married 1st November 1884 St Pauls Bath Somerset aged 50 & 52

Timothy * Dimiti * Buckland was born 1820 Hawksebury Gloucestershire ; he married Sarah Barton
Died 1890 Swindon at that time his son John * Shippy * Buckland was with him

Timothy is buried at Christchurch Swindon, he died of cancer of the tongue, which he had removed by surgery, unfortnately it did not stop his demise.
He was laid out in a coffin in a field for all the family to pay their respects...... the fact his horse was not destoryed was noted in 1924 JGLS.. it was said : Francis his son kept his horse, but never worked it again.

In 1842 Chosley South Oxfordshire the banns were read for his marriage to Sarah Barton also born 1820
Her sister Kitty Barton married Gildroy Scamp * known as King of the Kenntish Gypsies*

Is this Timothy * Dimiti* Buckland married to Sarah Barton ?
1881* Didcott Berkshire :Gipseys In Adden Lane In A Tent
Timothy Buckland ...............50 b 1831 Ulbin Gloucestershire
Sarah...........................49 b 1832 Hagborn Berkshire
Alice...........................21 b 1860 Poole Wiltshire
Cornelius ......................20 b 1861 Hanney Berkshire
Francis.....................(M) 18 b 1863 Wittenham Berkshire
Lovina .........................16 b 1865 Newbury Berkshire
Hannah........................ 15 b 1866 Drayton Berkshire
Jabias Buckland ................25 b 1856 Chaney Berkshire
Ammy Buckland ..................18 b 1863 Ascott Berkshire Wife

There is another family with them called Lewis which some have said were actually Boswells
Thomas b 1835 Berkshire
Constance b 1837 Berkshire
Adley b 1865
Triss b 1868
Ann b 1869
Fanny b 1874
Thomas b 1871
Charlotte b 1878

Children of Timothy & Sarah : 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
(1)Louisa Buckland

(2) Francis Buckland - married Oshie Doe - they fostered two boys sons of George Simpson & Alice Birch
Oshie was daughter of Goliath Doe & Mary Ann Curtis
Family line:
Goliath Doe & Mary Ann Curtis
Ocean* Oshie Doe married Francis Buckland
Freedom Doe married Henry Buckland b 1866 - son of Jabez Buckland & Rebecca Pike ,who was son of Timothy * Turnip* Buckland & Penelope Roberts
Patience Doe married Nipton Pike
Jane Doe married Billy Scott - his sister Farnette Scott married Major Ayres

(3)Rosetta Buckland -married John Roberts
22nd Sept 1917 The Late Rosetta Roberts : An old and respected person in her sphere of life pasted away at longcott at the age of 76 on the 8th wife of John Roberts licensed Haulier of Longcott Locks.
Deceased was one of the oldest surviving members of the well known Gypsy Tribe of the name Buckland, who have resided in Berkshire for centuries

(4) Abraham Buckland -died 1923

(5) Tryphena Buckland b 1848 -deid 1869

(6) Jabus Buckland married Amy Cooper

(7) Uriah Buckland b 1853 -died 1877

(8) John * Shippy* Buckland

(9) Lovina Buckland

(10)Hannah Buckland

(11) * Naily*Buckland
short for Cornelius

(12)Sabaina Buckland b 1863

(13) Adolphus Buckland
b 1869 -died1895 -aged 26

(14) Jerusalem Buckland
b 1843

They were Travellers Showmen & General Dealers which includes horse dealing, Hawking, fair keeping.

Family line of Sarah Barton :
The Bartons are said to have descended from a Kentish Sailor & a female Lee ,under who's influence the seaman took to the road and founded a dynasty of travelling Bartons.

Family line:
Parents : Barton & Lee
Children : Sarah Barton married Timothy Dimiti Buckland
Kitty Barton married Gildroy Scamp
Female Barton married ? Lee -son George Dangerfield Lee
Female Barton married ? Wenman a kentish Farmer- son Caleb married Sibi Doe
Ambrose Barton married Harriet ? -was a sergeant in WW1
2 daughters married 2 fostered sons of Francis Buckland & Ocean * Oshie* Doe
Funny Barton

Linda Hayward * Descendant of Gildroy Scamp * found 2 bapts
07/07/1867 Naomi Barton of Ambrose & Harriet of Ashford
Solomon Barton of Ambrose & Harriet - Canterbury

Timothy Dimiti Buckland Line:
His father was also known as Timothy * Dimiti* Buckland His mother being Lovevincy * Lolly* Smith : they were 1st cousins
Lolly being the Romanes word for Red
Lolly Smith was daughter of Alabon Smith & Mary Buckland

Their other children were: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

( 1) John * Shipton* Buckland married Ann *Nancy * Roberts - born 1837 -died in 1905 -aged 68 Faringdon
Children: 5
Louisa b 1865 Berkshire - died 1956 Epsom -aged 91
married : Henry Thompson of Westminster -they had daughter Daisy who married Herbert James in 1918
Jessie * Cheshra* b 1860 -married James Bishop b 1863 -they had daughter Elizabeth married William Cook
Absalom b 1863
Bertie b 1871 Berkshire
Beatrice b 1872 Berkshire

Ann Nancy Roberts was child of Richard Roberts & Catherine Hazard, they had 11 children:
John Roberts : married Rosetta * Ettie * Buckland - niece of John & Ann Buckland
Richard Roberts : b 1828
Alice Roberts : b 1833 married Mansfield Fletcher
Betsy Roberts : b 1837
Mary Roberts :b 1843
Tryphena Roberts b 1845 : married Jas Wiltshire
Catherine Roberts b 1847 ; married Eli Castle
Eli Roberts b 1851 -died 1870
Leanda Roberts b 1853
Sarah Roberts b 1857 - died 1865

Prudence Buckland daughter of Abraham *Barendon* Buckland
Was widow of Sidnal Smith- died without issue in Charlsbury Oxfordshire * no date*
Sister of *Old* Dimiti Buckland husband of Lolly Smith

Abraham Barendon was possible brother to Edward Buckland who was husband of Diana Smith
If we look at the death age of Timotheus Barrington Buckland died Nov 1856 Bishop Sutton Somerset -aged 102 he was born 1754? Edward Buckland was born 1755

Edward Buckland is believed to have been buried in 1845 aged 90 so born 1755
So by dates alone its possible they could be brothers

My Grt Grt Grand father Tenant & his brother Plato were possible descendants of this Edward & Diana
I am convinced that there is a Thomas* George *Buckland somewhere in this line: being the father of Tenant & Plato

1851* Census Kilmersdon Somerset
Thomas Buckland 54 b 1797 Deddington Oxfordshire ......Hawker
Sarah ......... 40 b 1811 Panbury Oxfordshire .........Hawker
Edith Jeffs ....18 b 1833 Pakley Oxfordshire...........Niece
Misselle........17 b 1834 Bloxsom Oxfordshire..........daughter
Platen..........13 b 1838 Appletin Berkshire ..........son
Matthew......... 6 b 1845 Benson Oxfordshire...........son

(2) Uriah *Hugh* Butcher Buckland born 1826 -died 1906 Stratton St Margaret* Buckland
Married Cinementa Smith
It is not known if they married as in church etc ,so could explain why children used their mother's surname
Children: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
(1) Henry Smith/Buckland married Annie *Salty* Smith/Bath
Settled near Cheltenham founded a scap metal busines
Children : Emmie married Tom Tillim
Billy married Sophie Buckland -daughter of Owen Buckland & Sally Loveridge
Libby married a non traveller
Siddy married Cissy Shaw
Beaty * Crow* Buckland

(2) Gildroy Smith/Buckland b 1858 -died 1882 - married ? Smith

(3) Singery Smith/Buckland married Angelina Loveridge
(4) Liberty Smith/Buckland
(5) Sidney Smith/Buckland married Trainet Black
(6)Beatrice Smith/Buckand married Albert * Salty* Smith/Bath
(7) Caroline * Carrie* Smith/Buckland married Jack Moby
(8) Solomon Smith/Buckland * deaf mute who remained unmarried & childless*

All of Uriah's children were Fairkeepers moving about in Wiltshire Berkshire
The * Salty *Smith/bath family most likely got name form their trade in selling salt block, Swindon was especially known for its pig & bacon industry. The Bath name was likely because they came from Bath the city.

(4) Mizzelli Buckland married Thomas Smith

(5) Lea Buckland married George Green

(6) Teni* Tayni* Buckland married ?

(7) James Buckland married ?
Although on this Census 1901 below : Cinamenta Smith is listed as Visitor she was Uriah Buckland's wife
possilby not married legally in eyes of Church and on Census was easier to say visitor?

He was known as Uriah * Butcher * Buckland.. they always wintered around Swindon Wiltshire as did his mother Loli Buckland/Smith
Butcher's parents were :-
Mother : Loli Smith bapt 1795 Wroton - parents Alabon Smith & Mary Buckland
Loli had 3 daughtesr prior to her marriage with Old Dimiti Buckland by a man called White
Father : Old Timothy *Dimiti * Buckland he was Loli 1st cousin
Old Dimiti had sons : John called *Shipton* Buckland married Mary Fenner daughter of Corneluis Fenner
& Timothy *Dimiti* Buckland * younger*
married Sarah Barton
Dimiti the younger had a son John * Shippy*
Brother : Abraham Buckland married Emily Shaw in 1863 Abingdon Berkshire
Sister Mizeli married Thomas Smith
Sister : Ettie married a Roberts - had son Manful Roberts
Old Dimiti had a sister Elizabeth who married Nipton Boswell
Old Dimiti father was :Abraham Barrington Buckland who ended up in Somerset.. Mary Buckland wife of Alabon Smith and mother of Loli Smith was most likely his sister

1901* Census Stratton St Margaret Swindon Wiltshire * The Green*
Uriah Buckland..............65 b1836 Shipton Berkshire........... horse Dealer
Cinmenta Smith..............64 b 1837 Woking Surrey............. Visitor/licensed Hawker
Caroline Buckland...........23 b 1878 Poulton Gloucester........ Daughter/licensed Hawker
Solomon Buckland........... 17 b 1884 Racklesome Hampshire..Son .. licensed Hawker
Gravi Buckland (F)..........88 b 1813 Littleborne Kent.............Widow/Head of family
Cornelius...................31 b 1870 Kent.........................Son Licensed Hawker
Frank.......................41 b 1860 Berkshire....................Married/horse dealer
Ocean...................... 38 b 1863 Hampshire....................wife
George Simpson..............22 b 1879 Chippenham.................. Servant
William Smith...............62 b 1839 Samford Essex.............. Horse dealer
Susan.......................60 b 1841 Sandfrord Essex............ wife
Abraham.....................38 b 1863 Hampshire....................Horse dealer
Jabez.......................36 b 1865 Hampshire....................Horse dealer
Happy (F)...................30 b 1871 Poulton Gloucester......... Licensed Hawker
William Black...............31 b 1870 Woking Surrey................Widow/licensed Hawker

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I have been researching the family of Bocland who came over and fought in the Battle of Hastings, Kent. They appear to be related to me via my 26th great grandfather William the Conqueror. It strikes me that they could be the first Bucklands in England and all the rest spring from them. They were awarded lands in Kent and also Berkshire (now Oxfordshire). Some Bucklands were Sheriffs of Berkshire. I have found pages and pages about the Bucklands. I wonder if a branch of the family "took to the road?"
The history of Buckland is inextricably linked with that of the manor of Buckland and its owners:
The earliest known written record of Buckland is from AD 957 in a charter when King Edgar the Peaceful granted Duke Ælfheah ten hdes which covered the area of Buckland.
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(1042–1066), Buckland was held by Ulvric Chenp.
Hugh de Buckland is recorded as the next owner and occupier of the land as well as another estate in Buckland.
At the end of the twelfth century, William de Buckland (probably the great-grandson of Hugh de Buckland) had ownership of the land. He died about 1215. He was ordered by Henry I to restore to the abbey the possessions which he had wrongfully obtained. However, Abingdon historian gives Hugh a high character for uprightness and he was held in great esteem by Henry I, and he was sheriff of eight counties. Six of these, the evidence of charters viz. Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, and Middlesex. It is true that he is so described in the copy of Henry I's charter of liberties, which Matthew Paris quotes as having been read to the barons in 1213; The Abingdon Chronicle also speaks of Hugh as 'justiciarius publicarum compellationum;' the precise import of this expression, however, is not clear. The statement in Foss's 'Lives of the Judges' that he was canon of St Paul's is probably erroneous, although his name occurs (without date or reference to any authority) in the list of prebendaries of Harleston in Newcourt's 'Repertorium,' i. 151. He witnessed a St. Albans charter dated 1116, and also another charter of the same abbey, which Mr. Luard assigns, apparently on good grounds, to the year 1119. As we find from the Abingdon history that William de Bochelande (presumably a son of Hugh) was High Sheriff of Berkshire in 1120, it may be inferred that Hugh de Bocland died in 1119. Another Hugh de Bocland, who may have been a grandson of the subject of this article, was High Sheriff of Berkshire from 1170 to 1176, and was one of the itinerant justices in 1173 and 1174. I have had to delete several parts as I exceeded maximum here, so hope it read okay.

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