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This is Rosanna Lovell wife of Walter and Grandmother of Annie Young

1884 May 30th -A GYPSY QUEEN DEAD
In a little dome shaped tent near the railway station at EL MORA NEW JERSEY the body of the late ROSANNA LOVELL a Queen of the Gypsies lay in state yesterday from early afternoon until far into the night.
Three wax candles stuck a upon three crooked sticks burning at her head, cast a mellow light a upon the glistening casket and upon the white muslin draperies of the weather stained tent.
Camp fires surrounded by groups of men women and children in whispered conversation sent long lines of smoke trailing across fields and in the early twilight shoe dimly like beacons far at sea, causal visitors came and went, the horses stamped uneasily and dogs like skulking shadows prowled from tent to wagon with hungry restlessness, horse trading was stopped fortune telling ceased for a day the Queen was dead.
Strictly speaking ROSANNA was not a Queen at the same time it maybe said there are no Gypsy Queens in this country although many claim the title. Rosanna never claimed to be a Queen although in point of age influence and worldly prosperity she ranked above all strolling fortune tellers in America.
She was born in England about 102 years ago until 1870 she roamed over England telling fortunes in villages in the suburbs of the cities and at country fairs.
In 1870 she came to America and continued the same nomadic life. Her husband WALTER LOVELL to whom she was married very many years ago accompanied her and did profitable business Horse trading with venturesome strangers. He is now about 76 years of age and is hale and hearty as though he was scarcely 50 He is BOSS of the LOVELL & SMITH band.
Rosanna was his wife there was no Queen except in the imaginations of romantic minded people in the provinces, the Band in number of about 30 with 16 wagons came from near Oakdale Park Philadelphia about a week ago, at that time ROSANNA was taken ill , A physician who was called in said she was dying of old age.
On Wednesday night she died, She will be buried today in EVERGREEN CEMETERY
Two years ago ROSANNA and her band performed in the ROMANY RYE at Booths Theatre in this city She liked the experience very much, WALTER LOVELL and others of the band own houses and lots near Elizabeth N J.

These articles below all relate to same family group:

1892 April
Do you want your fortune tol” step this way Come this way” So said the Gypsy Queen Ellen Stanley as she sat in her tent yesterday in the building at 19th street and 4th avenue in which the Cycloraium of The Fall of Niagara is on exhibition.
She is surrounded by 4 dusky maidens who were also prepared to disclose the future to all who had the hardihood to look beyond the veil that hides the future.
And we tell fortunes,too” said the queen for the gift of fortune telling has been handed down to us by our ancestors, who came from the purest race of Egyptian Gypsies.
Here the Queen with a proud air adjusted the spangled yellow headgear that served here as a crown and arranged in graceful folds the red calico gown that did as a royal robe.
She certainly was dark enough for an Egyptian and so were all her companions,each who had black hair and the true Gypsy eye
But I understand you were English Gypsies? I said Our tribe has been long time in England, she replied,but it came originally from Egypt,I was born in England in Epping Forest,which has long been the head quarters of the Tribe,my father LEE STANLEY was also born in England,but my Grandfather LEVI came from Egypt at the head of the band of Gypsies,I don't know just when he was still a young man and he lived to be 125 years old.
The Queen who is approaching middle age referred with pride to the longevity of her grandfather and said she came of a long lived race,her father had 10 children all of whom are living,she came to this country about 5 years ago and was at once acknowledged as head of the American branch of the tribe.
But before I came she said I travelled with my people all through England Ireland Scotland and Wales and through a great part of Germany & France.
Have you travelled much in this country?
I have been to Boston and as far west as Chicago and I have travelled south as far as North Carolina, I like this country very well .
I should like it just as well as England if not for theMosquitoesand the fever, we have had our share especially where we camp most of the time in New Jersey.

The Queen's companions were Mrs Mary Green an old woman,
Carlina Lovell ...Maggie Lovell and their sister in law Mrs Mary Lovell
The Lovell girls who were quite pretty were arrayed in garments in many colours according to their customs.

Nixey Lovell their brother had now joined the group and talked of the horses he had now at camp in New Jersey on the Plank road near Glendale.
He said the American branch of the tribe consisted of 5 families numbering 55member, 4 heads of these families were: JOHN SNOOKUM, WILLIAM GREEN, EDDIE EVANS & JOHN LOVELL, they had 88 horses 24 wagons, in which they made their journey through the country ,they expected to stay in New Jersey during the summer months,but would move southward when the weather grew cold. Nixey Lovell was born in Cardiff Wales,but spent a great part of his life in this country.

Wednesday :19th July 1893:- GYPSY EDDIE EVANS IS CAPTURED Found in his father's camp with Marie Lovell Her Father's relentless in hunting him down- Doesn't murder him when he finds him- treachery to Romany Folk
The romance of the eloping gypsy couple is ended. Eddie Evans a tall dark and handsome gypsy is in a cell at Police Headquarters in Newark and his young sister in law Marie Lovell with whom he ran away is held as witness against him, but she is loyal in her love for him that is doubtful whether she will do anything to incriminate him. She is one of Chesadine Lovell two pretty brown daughters, the eldest married Eddie Evans five years ago by the rites of Romany folk. Marie is only 15 years old but looks older, She is neither tall nor short and is plump and pretty. Her hair and eyes are brown and her hands and feet small.
Yesterday she wore a dark blue skirt supported by suspenders of the same colour, which crossed a bright red waist . Her hat was a broad-brimmed black straw., turned up behind and in front, her whole appearance was quite captivating. It was June 8th chief Lovell left his band of nomads encamped between Newark and Elizabeth and entering Police headquarters in Newark with a wild look in his black eyes besought superintendent Brown to find his daughter Marie,the light of his life. He said she had disappeared from camp on the previous evening with her brother in law Eddie Evans whose wife and child had been abandoned. Lovell was greatly excited and swore he would kill Evans on sight,but would take his daughter back to his heart. Superintendent Brown calmed him and got a description of theeloper'swhich he telephoned to neighbouring towns. Next day chief Lovell came again with a photo of Evans and offered $200 for his capture.
He still said he wanted to deal with his son in law himself and said it in such a chilling manner that murder at the very least was feared. Detectives Carroll and Cosgrove went on the chase and they captured Evans and the girl in the camp of Evans Father at Ashbury Park before dawn yesterday. The story of the flight as told by Evans to Superintendent Brown shows he was in constant fear of the old man's vengeance, he said he was never at ease at the moment and felt at times as if there was a knife at his back. When we left the camp I had $300 and we went to New York and took a steamer for Savannah.
We were on the steamer three days and although it was pleasant we were both nervous ,I knew my father in law would hunt us down.. We landed in Savannah and headed to Richmond where I met my Step mother by appointment and my money was running low, she gave me a little, with this we went to Toronto and from there to Hamilton and finally Bradford Ontario where we stayed until lastFriday,we left then with some money my father sent me from Ashbury Park and returned to New York and went to Ashbury Park on Saturday night having been told that we were forgiven and that Marie was to be taken home. Superintendent Brown story shows that Evans folk tried their best to protect him, the police induced Lovell to visit the camp, this the old man did ,but was searched for weapons and them permitted to see his daughter.. He then shouted “ If Evans is here let him come out like a man, I will not harm him” There was no response, the police decided to pass the case on to the Ashbury Park police.. They looked for Evans all afternoon without finding him, Lovell retired to a wagon but kept watch and at 3am he saw Evans creeping into camp and go to the wagon where Marie was sleeping Lovell in bare feet went and found Police officers who came and surrounded the wagon and dragged both Evans and Marie out. Chief Lovell & chief Evans had a stormy passage before the prisoners left camp and chief Evans reviled Lovell for treachery to the Romany Folk in calling the police.
Evans was arraigned before Justice Kilsch last night and committed for trial in special sessions. He was not charged with abduction,but accused of violating the Crane act of 1887 which relates to girls under 16. The punishment maybe a fine of $1,000 or imprisonment for 15 years. Evans has secured Senator M T Barrett as his Counsel.

February 1st 1900 AGED QUEEN ROMANY LEADER NOW LIES DEAD Sadie Evans 105 years old passed away in camp at Elizabeth New Jersey. ALL LIGHT OUT IN ANCIENT GYPSY FASHION Deceased was sent from England to restore Old customs in a Demoralized Band
Mother of “ Eddie “ Evans he was notorious for eloping with his sister in law a Lovell

At age of 105 Sadie Evans the Gypsy Queen is dead at Elizabeth N J and the band which has encamped near the city for 8 months is a camp of mourning. Queen Sadie was one of the oldest members of the band ,she was for many years a follower of the Lovell band of Gypsies,which was considered the richest in the United States. She was the mother of Eddie Evans who created a sensation in Gypsy Circles many years ago eloping with a daughter of chief Lovell and at time was married to his elder daughter. Chief Lovell later comprised and the case and withdrew the complaint and Evans returned to his band in sad disgrace. Queen Sadie was born in England and was a picturesque character among the roving band She was prominent in the councils of her people owing to her advance age. For several years she allied herself with Lovell's band as a counsellor. She travelled extensively in this country and was revered by all gypsies with whom she came into contact. She was married to Robert Evans ,but he was never recognised as head of band and was not permitted to have any say in counsels of the band. He died two years ago and since then Sadie pined away in her loneliness. He was buried in Evergreen Cemetery and Queen Sadie will join him there. According to Gypsy custom at death all lights were extinguished all noise was suspended dogs were silenced and the camp reigned with silence. She was very wealthy and her son Edward Evans will inherit who is now 57 years old.. Like most Gypsies Queen Sadie had a dislike of her photo taken and it is said that the only time she consented to sit before a camera was when she was appointed Queen of the Gypsies.

May 5th 1901:-A WEDDING OF GYPSY ROYALTY The first time a Gypsy girl has married with her parents consent Mirth and song echoed from tents of the famous Lovell and Evans gypsy camp along Newark road and the nearby city of Elizabeth ,a few nights ago Princess May Lovell married Prince Quic Evans son of Edward Evans celebrated all over the world as one of the Kings of Gypsies while the bride is 13th daughter of chief Joseph Lovell the older King. The celebration was more marked than usual nuptials of these wandering people because for the first time in the history of this tribe the daughter had received consent of her parents to marriage without being forced to elope with the gypsy of her choice.
8th June 1906This article I believe is actually not correct as to surnames, I believe Ruth is actually a Lovell
A princess called Ruth will marry at a gypsy encampment just off the main road between Newark & Elizabeth N J to- morrow Ruth will marry Hughie Evans most likely a distant cousin if he turns up, as he had not put in an appearance yet ,but the Gypsy press agents all said he was arriving on a special train and would here in time for the ceremony. Almost countless are the romances that have been printed about Ruth and every time she got into type the sign “ lines form this side “ were hung out next day at the fortune telling tables in the gypsy camp. All accounts agree it was Claude Cavandah a rich California Lawyer and planter,who was going to wed Ruth at one time, but the old King her father withheld his consent,then he relented ,but an earthquake damaged his estate A reporter went to the camp expecting to see Claude and he learnt the bridegroom to be was Hughie Evans and lived on a farm somewhere out west. The reporter saw in camp King John – Prince Bill playing a guitar,Prince Ned Sam & Jim swapping horse yarns between spells of at mumble peg on the grass. There was no sight of Ruth,but Princess Rebecca was there scrubbing a pan, and sitting quietly apart was Queen Laura mending a sock. The reporter had his fortune told by Queen Laura and learned more of the wedding.. It was set for to-morrow afternoon, the bride's name was Ruth Evans and if the family trees were examined it might be found she is distantly related to Hughie Evans the groom. Al Smith gypsy of Chicago was to be best man, but bridesmaid still unknown. The reporter was going to hang a little romance around the alleged Romany tradition that forbids a gypsy to marry outside the tribe ,when Queen Laura pointed out in the camp an Italian German and a Scotch man all with Gypsy wives.
1892 USA April 15th
ANNIE YOUNG/LOVELL *Grand-daughter of Walter & Rosanna Lovell*
The burial of Annie Young daughter of Chief Joseph Lovell, she died in St Louis, her body was brought to New Jersey for burial, her body was taken to the home of Chief Costello, he was her Uncle .
the service was Roman catholic in St Mary's, many were turned away at the church doors because of lack of room to allow them entry, such was thewir love and respect for their Young Queen.
Annie died aged 23 of blood poisioning........ her husband did not accompany her body or was at the service.
Another article :
There is another report of the day of the funeral stating on the day Chief YOUNG The husband was unable to accompany his wife's body and it was taken charge of by her father Chief JOE LOVELL
Her Casket had a guard of honour on arrival to Elizabeth and was taken to funeral Parlour. All her jewellery was stripped from her body and its said after the funeral when gypsies break camp it will be thrown into the nearest river all her other property wagons tents etc will be burnt before they leave camp.
The funeral consisted of a Hearse 4 coaches a buck-board wagon for the relatives and pall bearers only. 8 gypsies carried the heavy Metallic coffin into the church. About 150 gypsies of the LOVELL SMITH NEWALL COSTELLO where at the funeral.
CHIEF LOVELL walked behind the coffin accompanied by MRS COSTELLO the dead Queen's Aunt they had wanted Catholic mass of requiem but being Good Friday no mass could be held in the church so a simple catholic reading of committal was held over the corpse she was then buried in MOUNT OLIVE CEMETERY all the gypsies lined the streets and with bowed heads as the coffin passed by there were many spectators disappointed at the simplicity of the funeral.
1897 August 20th Newark Ohio

She is disconsolate over death of her Niece, Grief pervaded the gypsy camp at North Elizabeth New Jersey the other day when the funeral was held of Mrs MARY COSTELLO a niece by blood of Gypsy Queen LAURA LORELL ( Lovell) and who died in New York City
The woman was married only 8 months and had been ill four days when she died.
She was a grand-niece of old Chief JOHN COSTELLO who at his death was said to be one of the richest gypsies in America.
He went to England for his health and died there, his daughter Laura became head of the Romany tribe in this country, her consort is JOSEPH LORELL ( Lovell)
the Queen felt keenly the death of her niece to whom she was much attached, Chief Lorell went to New York to make arrangements for the Funeral and a solemn requiem was offered up to the Catholic Church in 86th Street, then the body was brought to Elizabeth to be buried in the Costello family plot at Mount Olivet Cemetery, where a Romany Queen who was the Eldest daughter of Chief Costello was buried with much pomp 7 or 8 years ago.
Queen Lorell met the body there and accompanied it to the cemetery, she wept nearly all the journey and at the grave was much distressed and nearly fainted.
The Queen was dressed in deep black & lace hat and wore a profusion of diamond rings on her fingers and a big brooch was pinned at her throat. She became ill on the return trip from the cemetery and had to be taken out of the coach and into a place to rest for an hour.

1899 September
srael Smith his cousin and Will Smith and wife with Seth's wife Rhody burned his wagon and belongings.
This was the sameoccurrencea few years ago when Irael Smith's wife passed away.
Mrs Lovell has already ordered a new outfit (wagon) and 4 new horses to draw the Wagon.
The Funeral of Seth Lovell a noted GypsyChieftainand oldest son of Rebecca Lovell of the lovell tribe of England,was held at the Gypsy camp near Waverly New Jersey today.
Lovell died in Philadelphia on Monday,since Wednesday his body has been lying in state in a large central tent in camp.hundreds of Gypsies travelled many miles to attend the funeral.
The Rev E Cobb of 2nd Presbyterian Churchofficiated- the body lay in a heavy black ebony casket with elaborate silver mountings.
At the foot stood a tallGypsyas well as at the Head.
After the ceremony several Gypsies representing tribes from Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Newark, Scotch Plains and Madison acted as pall bearers, carried the casket to Evergreen Cemetery, where it was interred.

This is Article regarding daughter of LAURA COSTELLO & JOSEPH LOVELL
1900 OCTOBER 8th

The Union of King Chistidine and Princess Ceola Lovell
NEW YORK Oct 8th –
Feasting, jollity and merriment have pervaded the encampment of several tribes of Gypsies on the Boulevard near Elizabeth for the past week, because Princess CEOLA the 3rd daughter of 23 children born to Queen LAURA & KING JOSEPH LOVELL of the Lovell tribe of nomads is to be married. The princess will be wed next week in Chicago young King Chitidine of the Western bands of Gypsies.
It is the first time in history of Gypsy customs that a lover has secured a bride without running off with her, followed by the irate parents, who , when they capture the runaway couple no matter how long the hunt , won;t thrush the groom if he has not fulfilled his vows to the bride or if he cannot support his wife and show at least a horse and wagon. In this instance the groom and bride elect have secured the consent of the parents and will be married in Chicago as soon as they get there.
They left the camp Saturday and will travel by rail all the way stopping at Buffalo en route, the bride is typical maiden of the woods,the shawl worn by her is of pure silk, crocheted by her own hands and is of great value, her teeth are loaded with gold while an immense diamond is set in one of the cavities, young King Chitidine says in this respect he has a jewel of a wife in more ways than one.
Surrounding the tent of Princess Ceola are numerous other tents around which snarl and bark a retinue of dogs while the children of the elder gypsies are gambling about the sward,Queen Lovell and her family live when at home under roofs in the winter time 48th and Market Streets Philadelphia and are well known there. Joseph Lovell the father is now nearly 65 years of age and the oldest King of the Eastern bands of Gypsies. He is hale and hearty and is known the world over.
The bride and groom elect when they are united in marriage will go abroad and visit Paris Exposition returning in the spring to commence their wandering life together. The groom is 20 years old and the bride about the same. Her swarthy complexion would indicate an old age.
The floor of the tent is covered with expensive rugs and mats worked by deft fingers of the princess, during meal times snowy white damask tablecloths are spread on the floor and the family squat or lie in every attitude around them, the most expensive crockery is used with cut glass, when visitors discover the elaborate display of china and the rich tablecloths they stare in wonderment.
The gypsy nobility live high and stint nothing, the bedding of these nomadic people is of elaborate designs and rich in texture and would be fit for an Oriental harem or king's palace.
1901 APRIL 19th

Princess MAY LOVELL the last and 13th child of LAURA & JOSEPH LOVELL whose fame as a Gypsy extends over Europe and the united States of America was married to QULE/QUIC EVANS the 21 year old son of EDMUND EVANS of the EVANS tribe camped near Newark.
The bride was dressed in her regal gypsy costume, gold trimmed and many hued and topped with a Gainsborough hat trimmed with Peacock feathers. The couple broke the tribal tradition and asked permission to marry rather than run away , the custom being for the bride-groom to run away with the bride and then ask forgiveness. The bride on the death of her father will be heir to $100.000.


Article wrote in 1900 concerning the above Seth Lovell
APRIL 4th 1900:-
The Lovell Tribes Make a Sacrifice to the Dead

CHAMBERSBURG Pa April 4th – In a grove 2 miles from this place a weird ceremony was enacted yesterday the chief actors being members of the Lovell gypsy tribe of Elizabeth N J
Last November SETH LOVELL chief of the tribe died in a Philadelphia hospital leaving a portion of his property here. His widow and several relatives came to Chambersburg to Destroy this property, immediately upon the arrival of the gypsies they secured Lovell's van in which he had made many trips, the wagon was taken to Hollywell and there with many of the dead man's belongings, covered with Kerosene and set on fire.
On a small bank near the burning wagon the grey haired partner of the dead man sat and wept out her grief calling her dear Seth bemoaning her loneliness in the world wishing that she might join him and asserting her readiness to die. The wagon offered up as a sacrifice and testimonial of her affection cost $ 1.500 and it contained articles of the husband that made the total value of the burning property about $2.000.

1901- Maryland

Frank Morro an Italian charged with murdering Levi Lovell a Gypsy in John Hartig's saloon in Frostburg of 27th July this year.
The prisoner is a Coal miner and native of Calabria Italy,he cannot speak English and it was needed to get an interpeter.
It was stated that Morro belonged to a large Italian colney in Frostburg and on the day he went to the saloon early had drinks and left, about 4.30pm Levi Lovell whose tribe were encamped near Frostburg went into the Saloon and danced and sung,morro had returned with 2 Italian comapanions, the Gypsy was sitting not annoying anyone.
One of the Italians asked the Gypsy to put up money and they would to have a drink ,but Lovell believed it was a bluff and declined, one of the Italians went to the Gypsy and pulled his legs from under him and Lovell fell to the floor, a fight started and Morro who had been watching from the scuffle from the other side of the room pulled his pistol and shot Lovell in the eye, Lovell died instantly.
morro waived his pistol before running from the Saloon, John Hartig seized the Gypsy's whip and rushed after Morro who threatened to shoot him and others.
The excitement was intense and there was talk of a lynching.
Morro was put on trial in the circuit court of Maryland although it should have been in Allgany ,but it was felt there he would not recieve a fair trial, if found guilty he would be hanged , but taken back to Allegany

1901- Hagerstown Maryland December 6th

Frank Morro was convicted of Murder 2nd degree- it took the jury an hour and a half to make descision.

Hezekiah Lovell

1904 26th July

Daughter of Gypsy "Josh" follows her sister example without success nad ends up languishing in jail in Wilkosbarro PA
It was because Hezekiah Lovell with whom she eloped would not pay $1.000 to her brothers.

Dora Stanley is the Queen of the Stanley tribe, who for 20 years under the guidance of Josh Stanley have swapped horses and told fortunes in the lake country and southern counties of this state.
Gypsy " Josh" Stanley as he is known was always noted for his fine horses and fiery dogs and for his fine and costly caravans he owned by any of the nomadic tribes travelling in the United States.
He originally came from Yorkshire England and had made enough money to retire from the roving life and live in the city.
Dora is one of Joshua's daughter's and considered a beauty from the Gypsy point of view.Dora Stanley
The Lovell's they say are of humble origin and not in their class, despite this Queen Dora and Hezekiah Lovell of rival camps fell in love and because Dora knew her family would never
sanction the wedding they ran away.
Close on their heels chasing them were her 2 brothers and 2 detectives, they were overtaken at Bloomsburg PA and brought back to Wilkesbarro and jailed,but the following day released.
The brothers withdrawing the charge of larceny because they believed Lovell would pay them the $1.000.Lovell refused payment and the brothers had Dora re-arrested accused of perjury as she was only 17 and had lied to get married by saying she was 21.

Eloping seems to be one of the Stanley's long suits 12 years ago Joshua daughter while encamped at Carpenter's halfway house between Horseheads and Elmira, Queen Emma and an handsome fellow eloped and were married
Joshua hot on their heels threatened to have the heart's blood of the groom, he took with him 2 pistols and a large knife in his belt. Eventually the Police & Lawyers managed areconciliation, but not before Joshua threaten to kill a reporter who he believed had helped the couple elope.

1906 New York 23rd June
If anyone knows the where abouts of Elijah Lovell the elder brother of Eldie Lovell , he can make one little heart very glad by carrying these tidings.
Under the trees at the Gypsy camp at Boston road 100-74th street waits a dark eyed olive skinned Princess Eldie Lovell, she lives with Queen Mary & William Baker (Lovell).Eldie Lovell
King William leader of the camp keeps a watchful eye on the young 20 yr old Princess, this story came out through her brother younger, Ambrose Lovell,who also lives with them.
About 3 years ago while the tribe encamped in Scotland Eldie met another Gypsy Prince, Philip Stanley of the old Stanley tribe of southern England.
It was a case of love at first sight, the Lovells are early Gypsies who came out of France in the 16th century.
Nobody supposed the suit of Prince Stanley would meet with adversity, but when the young man went to King William Baker and offered his best horses for Eldie, he was told a secret Eldie and her brother were not Baker's ,but adopted by King William, they were left orphans after the sudden death of their father King Cornelius Lovell and his wife in Northern Scotland.
All the Lovell girls had been married from time out with 2 heavy buckle gold rings that had come down through the family and the eldest son in the absence of the father must not only give consent ,but produce one of the buckle rings, theduplicatewhich the girl must wear on her left hand.
Stanley knew this law wasinvincibleand the brother was somewhere travelling in America with another branch of the Lovell tribe.
Prince Philip went to America to find him ,but after 2 years was unsuccessful.
2 years ago Eldie induced the Baker family to come to America, also in search of her brother, the family have since been wandering about in search of this brother.
So Eldie waits in hope knowing that again Prince Philip has returned to America in search of her brother and can only wait and see if one day she will be allowed to marry her prince.

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