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Hello every one on site. I am a Gypsy Lady from the North i would like to let every one know about a book that is available from Leeds Travellers education service. It is called Gypsy's and travellers in Leeds. It is a great book with lots of photos and contains stories that give reference to many of the family names mentioned on this site.
I think it will be of use to anyone who is looking for family connections in the north.
The book was compiled by Peter Saunders and others from the travellers education department. local Gypsie's and Travellers also helped to get it published.
I know Peter would be happy to help you as he has worked with Gypsies and Travellers in Leeds for a lot of years.
I know libraries are trying to encourage more people to use there services so it may be a good idea to ask your local library to get a copy so it can be seen by others.
I hope this is of help.
Also leeds parish church records 1572 show Elizebeth the daughter of Anthony Smawleye refered to as the egyptian was babtized.this is the first reference to Gypsys in Leeds.

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