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1860 April 4th New York Times
A tribe of gypsies numbering between 3 & 4 hundred are encamped at Forest Grove near Cleveland,
This is the tribe, the death of whose King STANLEY has attracted so much notice.
LADY STANLEY wife of the late King is a superior looking woman.
She is tall and majestic in appearance with regular and really beautiful features and converses fluently in half a dozen different languages
. She is with the tribe now encamped at Forest Grove as are also her sisters 2 dark eyed Gypsy Beauties.
The appointments of the tribe are extensive embracing some 50 horses a large number of baggage wagons tents.

1863 June 9th - Virginia Danville Anne Adams Gypsy Queen laid to Rest Annie Adams
Queen of the Gypsies was buried Friday in Colourful tearful ceremony at Sacramento Cemetery. A small band of mourners followed her silver casket from Stockton Church to Sacramento California.

Queen Annie died Monday after being 10yrs a spiritual leader leader supreme court and chief counsellor to the nations gypsies she was aged 87.
some Gypsies say her husband is still living in Southern California others said he was dead.

It is reported that the Gypsies are leaving Europe for America in large numbers. Isolated bands of these singular people have existed among us for some years.
One or two such are well known to the inhabitants in the vicinity of SYRACUSE, but now the exodus from the old world seems to becoming general. Not only are English Gypsies coming in crowds , but from France Germany and even from their favourite camping grounds Bohemia, the members of one of the oldest races in the world is flocking to the youngest of the great nations. In Europe they have hardly had a fair chance, severe laws exist against them almost everywhere, but in spite of these laws they have continued to preserve their ancient customs and their ancient organizations.
It will be enough perhaps to glance at the history of the gypsies under English law. The gypsies were first seen in England in 1512, but they were in Scotland 70 years before, in the reign of Henry VIII Penal laws were enacted against outlandish people calling themselves Egyptians, their sins were they wandered from shore to shore in great company and used witchery and deceit on people.

1867-July 31st - Hagerstown Maryland A GYPSY FUNERAL -
A singular trait of the Gypsies is reported by the Dayton Journal
It seems that some time ago a man named Stanley the king of the tribe in this country was buried at Woodland Cemetery, Since then no matter where a member of the tribe in this country has died the remains have been conveyed to the same place for interment. Last fall and winter 4 children of the tribe died in Texas and the remains were sent to the vault in Woodland until a sufficient delegation from the tribe could be gathered to celebrate the ceremonies properly.


For the last two or three weeks there has been a busy camp nestled in the hilly grounds about half a mile from Prospect Park in Brooklyn. The assemblage consists of about 30 souls, the children being in large majority. The clan is an English one and their Chief is URIAH WHARTON. As in patriarchal times. Uriah appears to be Father and Grand-father of the whole family. All seem to have the greatest reverence for their leader and men women and children obey him implicitly.
The men are Horse-traders.
Around the camp picking up what scanty food they can find are some 20 horses, among them brood mares with their colts.
The quality of the horses need not be expatiated upon. Most all of the steeds are sprung or spavined.
Horse trades are of constant occurrence in the camp.
People inclined to swap horses can be accommodated. At any time you can barter a sound horse for two foundered gypsy ones.
The men seem adepts at their business cleverly concealing the defects in their animals and vaunting such few points of excellence as they many possess.
With the thorough knowledge they possess a broken-down horse in a few weeks time will come out of their hands as a high mettled steed.
Dogs of every variety bark and yelp at you in the camp, Here may be found setters, pointers, fox-hounds,terriers, bulldogs Lurchers, yaller dogs and even aristocaratic grey hound walks daintly around, apparently quite out of place.
In fact children and dogs abound. The women show their Eastern origin more than men, These gypsy ladies have the quiline nose, the small mouth, the dark eyes, the blue-black straight hair common to the stock, Their costumes is tawdry and they seem to delight in garnish colours,
These women seem to be good mothers and the children are such amazing profusion as to require their unceasing care.
Fortune-telling of course falls into their line of business and no end of silly people pay their dollar to have these gypsies patter a fortune to them.
The gypsy wagons are peculiar, something in shape like the Turkish Arabia.
In these conveyances the people sleep some of the ambulant houses having inside of them prosaic four-poster beds.
In their ordinary language the gypsies use English, resembling in accent and intonation that spoken by the peasantry in the south of England, but every now and then a guttural burst of Romanee rolls out and dissipates the idea that they are ordinary folks.
If you stay here much longer, said a Times Representative to Uriah Wharton ,you will become Americanized, Our northern climate won't allow of this wandering about.
In 20 years from now all these babies here , your grand-children will become good citizens and will forget Egypt and their forebears. That's so Sir, replied the chief, I have been here off and on for 30 years and I see it a coming, maybe it is for the best,
Egypt don't get along well here as in the old country,
Classes is more mixed, half the children in this camp are of mixed breed,
I am though pure- of pure Eygpt, we can make out here though, but in the old country , life was pleasanter. When I was a young man there was a fair or a horse race every day, horse- trading ain't what it used to be, talk about a Norfolk jockey and his bein sharp, why sir a Yankee can give him Pints. They do tell me Sir, horses in England is doubled in price of late and that they are getting them over from France, I can see Cruiser is dead, Lord Dorchester raised him, I know all about the Vension Stock, You wouldn't mind sending me a newspaper now and then, would you Sir ?
Here was a revelation. A gypsy who wanted a newspaper,
IF only Mr Borrow could hear that he would declare that the civilization of the gypsy at least in America had commenced, The gypsy camp was perfectly orderly,
The people all seemed in good condition and the children especially with their ruddy faces and sunburnt limbs, were the pictures of health, a certain smallness of hands and feet and the graceful poses taken by all the people showed the peculiarities of an alien race.

The Gypsy women belonging to the tribe which has permanently located itself adjacent to the Horse Market in East 74th Street became engaged on Friday night in a row, that ended almost in tragedy, Among those who took part an active part were MRS MARY SEED & THERSEA LEE true types of Gypsy Blood, Mrs Lee received a blow of a stone at Mary's hands which caused concussion of the brain, at the 57th street Court yesterday ,the whole tribe were present, Mary Seed was committed to await the result of Mrs Lee injuries.

The STANLEY tribe of Gypsies who have made their home in Dayton are probably as well known in Cumminsville Hamilton and the whole south-western part of this state as in Dayton.

They are one of the oldest tribes known that were prominent in England more than 200 hundreds years ago and prided their selves then on their antiquity.

OWEN STANLEY the head of the American branch of the family emigrated to this country from Berkshire in 1856 and on his death in Indiana was brought back to Dayton
LEVI STANLEY son of Owen and widower of the deceased Queen is the recognized head of the tribe, the Stanley's believe or claim that they were the 1st family of Gypsies to emigrate to this country, there were Gypsies among the earliest English emigrates to this country, but Gypsy history is not trustworthy.

Those tribes of early English emigrants were of Welsh Gypsies and wandered in Canada 50 years ago.
The Canadian Gypsies are nomadic tinkers and basket-makers, the Americans are principally horse traders.
In the latter occupation the Gypsies seem to have acquired a skill possessed by no other people in civilized life.
There seems to be a sympathy existing between half civilized people and the brute creation which culture destroys.

It is most likely true that the Stanley's were the 1st important family to arrive here and brought the 1st properties and became house dwellers especially in Dayton Ohio.
They have purchased 4 or 5 farms a few miles east of Dayton and acquired the old Smith Mansion, this was bought by MRS JEFFERYS of the tribe a short time before her death with the intention of her children occupying it as a residence.
The Stanley tribe pride themselves on being law abiding and tax payers, from Dayton they start out on their fall and winter trading over the west and south and to this place they return in the spring for home work or for tours through the north.

At the funeral, Dr. Daniel Berger, recalled that at other gypsy funerals Queen Matilda was one of the most attentive listeners.
'She also had the Bible read to her daily and was frequently found in the act of prayer. She gave other evidences of a devout faith and I have good reason for believing that she died in full hope of eternal life,' Dr. Berger said.
The final parting at the grave was a scene of the most pathetic character,' he continued. 'King Levi Stanley and his people were thoroughly heartbroken and lingered long by the still open grave after the great crowd had begun to melt away.
The two younger daughters, Missouri and Matilda, like the children of nature that they were, cast off all restraints of conventionalism and, leaping down into the grave, remained for some time upon the great marble slab which hid their dear ones from them, pouring forth a prolonged torrent of affectionate and tender expression
. With much difficulty they were at last persuaded to come up out of the grave. 'An expensive granite monument, surmounted by a statue of the queen, marks the place where her body rests.
The monument was cut out of a great granite boulder which Levi found at the entrance to the George W. Smith farm at Lockville, Wayne Twp.
The owner made Levi a gift of the boulder.'

Dr. Berger, speaking to the historical society, recalled some of the other gypsy funerals he had conducted. On Palm Sunday in 1877 he held a triple funeral. After a brief illness, Mrs. Amelia Jeffrey died at her farm home just north of Dayton.
Her husband, Thomas, who was in perfect health, was so grief-stricken that he simply went to bed and died within two days.
The family ordered two expensive caskets and the baby, whose birth was the cause of the mother's death, was laid beside her in the casket.

1879 Aug.1st Mrs. Mary Stanley Smith
Who died at the age of 110 or perhaps even older.
She had been born in England and lived there under the reigns of four different sovereigns:
The first was George III and the last was Queen Victoria.
'No one who saw this venerable woman in her later years,' wrote Berger, could be disposed to doubt the fact of her extraordinary age, so deeply marked was she in all her lineaments by the hand of the great sculptor Time.
'Funerals among the Stanley gypsies are usually made a kind of state occasion.
No expense is spared to give them suitable dignity and make them a proper expression of regard for their dead.
The familiar funeral coaches, the undertaker's hearse, a long procession, a rich casket, the greatest profusion of flowers, all form a part of the event.

'The women appear dressed in their best, frequently in silks, satins and velvets, the garment often severely wrinkled from packing away in boxes and trunks.
Jewellery in greatest abundance is worn, fingers and hands being adorned with massive gold.
The gypsy woman who possesses money does not hesitate to purchase costly things, especially things of ornament, when she has set her heart on them.'
Many visitors to Woodland Cemetery seek out the graves of the gypsies with their carvings and expressions of sentiment.

1880 March 11th The Gypsies and the Child-stealing Case MR JOHN YOUNG
one of the head men of the party of Gypsies who have been residing on West St Paul since October last, visited the Globe Office yesterday to protest against the imputation that his party was in any way concerned in the stealing of the child of JOHN F SPENCER, of Wright county reference to which has heretofore been made in these columns.
Mr Young states that he is a resident and property-owner of Cincinnati is well known there and can bring undoubted testimonials as to his character for his honesty. He has 12 children of his own and several of his deceased brother's to support and wants no more.
Furthermore he asserts that his party has never engaged in the business of Child-stealing.
He refers also to the business men of West St Paul with whom he and his party have had dealings for the past 5 months, all whom will testify that they have paid all their bills promptly and conducted themselves in an orderly and peaceful manner.
During their residence in West St Paul, though there are about 75 in the party, there have been no complaints from their neighbours as to their conduct.

It is but justice to the party to say that residents of West St Paul with whom a representative of Globe conversed yesterday confirm Mr Young statements in every particular, The party as intimated yesterday will soon start on their summer tour through country.

There is trouble brewing among the Gypsies in the vicinity their and rendezvous in the 6th Ward is Sulphurous with lightning and the mutterings of the coming storm. The first indication of the unpleasantness came to the front yesterday morning when a Bedouin named LOUITAN SEED visited the Police court and swore out a warrant for the arrest of one of the tribe named JOHN YOUNG on the charge of threatening to clean out the ranch and thrash her husband. The complainant states that Young is in the habit of visiting her house and making the most violent threats against herself and her husband and that his visits have become to the last degree annoying. A warrant was issued for the arrest of Young and the hearing will take place to-morrow morning.

1880 MARCH 16

The case of the city against JOHN YOUNG charged with with raising perdition at the Gypsy Camp in 6th ward was called for hearing at the police court yesterday morning the complaining witness failed to appear and the case was dismissed.

1880 MARCH 28

A band of Gypsies led by a man called TIMOTHY WARDEN encamped last October near a mill belonging to William Jessup at Princeton Gibson county Indianapolis Mrs Warden induced Jessup to allow her to tell his fortune, she informed him a large fortune was in store for him but to enable her to discover the particulars he must let her have $2.000 or more to hold in her hand . He foolishly consented and gave her $2.150 bank notes, after looking at them she tied them in a handkerchief and told him to lock the bundle in a safe until she returned, also saying not to look in the bundle as the charm would be broken, she didn't return ever so Jessup looked in the bundle and found no money but paper, the police pursued the Gypsies on horseback ,tracing them through Evansville Pittsburg Baltimore Newark Hoboken he found a gypsy known at Hoboken by name of Warden and followed him to Brooklyn, yesterday he was arrested with his wife and found $1.290 of the stolen money, Warden was put on bail for $ 2.500 awaiting examination on Saturday Warden was also known by name of MULLEN in Brooklyn and as Dr JOSEPH MOORE is said to own real estate in Hoboken valued at $ 10.000.

1880 APRIL 6th
Another complaint was filed against TIMOTHY & MARY WORTON the Gypsies who were arrested in Brooklyn last week on a charge of Swindling William Preston of $2.000. David D Trent of Fairview Roanoke Co alleges he was swindled by same couple of $10.000 in May 1877 he owns a plantation on Virginia.

1880-MAY 8th KING STANLEY- the ruler of all the gypsies in this country lives in the midst of a settlement of his people near Dayton Ohio, his daughter who was to become Queen at his death has lost her heritage by Eloping with a man not a Gypsy.

1880 7th August Portsmouth Ohio HEZEKIAH WELLS & JOHN BROADWAY
Gypsies arrested and taken before Mayor Townes Wednesday and fined $ 9.60 & $ 6.80 respectively
Wells got drunken in a bar and having over $600 on him was unable to protect himself, his spouse appeared at the salon and tried to get him to leave and forget his hilarious idea of wanting to run the Salon his wife called in the police and he was taken prison wards at this JOHN BROADWAY a huge man interfered and Broadway was hit by the Macs and sought the broad walk, Wells was taken to prison until he sobered when Broadway appeared and both were fined. Hezekiah Wells was born in England and says it was 1st time he had ever been arrested.


1880- AUGUST 8th Ten years ago a band of Gypsies encamped in Neols Grove near the city at this time a daughter was born which was christened PRISCILLA SCIOTO . Last week just ten years later the same band camped at the same place and a son was born a brother to Scioto . Mrs Geo Johnson and Mrs Col O F Moore visited the camp then and suggested the name Scioto Mrs Johnson visited the camp last week and recognized the mother who also recognized her.

1881 August 22nd -GYPSIES IN EUROPE New York Times
The Gypsy is a thorough and irreclaimable vagabond, but he has many good points about him.
His notions of honesty especially when fowl or horse is in question do not exactly correspond with our own and he cannot be brought to understand the game laws: but he compares favourably in most of these respects with tramps and beggars and even with the rustic labours and the lower classes in town.
The road is literally his walk in life and he practices such trades as tinkering, chair-mending, cutting clothes pegs and the like with the assiduity and industry. When the weather makes out-door life unbearable the gypsies settle down after a fashion ; those who have covered wagons with the sight of which we are familiar halt with them in some convenient spot and live in small communities, others hire an empty cottage and simply camp down in it, requiring no furniture, but the few articles of bedding and cooking utensils which served them in their tents, but the English Romanies do not affect a town life ; they keep strictly to their old nomad traditions; Kirk Yetholm in Scotland is the only place in the British Isles where a settled colony of gypsies exists for even their haunts in the West of London are deserted as the Summer comes round and the country holds forth its irresistible charms. Elsewhere especially in Turkey and the Danubiau Principalities there are many villages inhabited entirely by Gypsies. Strange to say these people are very little understood and among other fictions in vogue concerning them the most popular one that they have a King, is totally without foundation. A member of the tribe who has reached an advanced age and become the head of a numerous family of children, grandchildren and great grandchildren is of course visited by them at any spot where he or she may have settled down and as the travels of the clan are regulated by the seasons ,fairs markets and so on the gatherings naturally become periodical and greatly exercise the Gentile mind. Of the curiosity thus excited the Gypsies themselves are not slow to take advantage and the ancient one is dubbed a Gypsy King or Queen for no other purpose than to attract visits and offerings from the Gorgios Gypsies are not by any means the outcasts of society they lead a roving life because their instincts and traditions all induce them to do so,
The sternest laws have been promulgated against them without bringing about the least sign of reform in their habits and they are only now slowly yielding to the influence of the enclosure acts which crowd them out and force them not to become absorbed in the rest of the population, but to seek free space and fresh air in the Far West, since Mr Borrow first told how interesting a race they were with a language traditions and customs of their own differing so entirely from the peasantry among whom they live, many have made them a study and some very amusing and learned works have been written upon their habits and speech ; among the most recent such books those of Hans Brietmann and Dr Bath Smart the best. The Gypsy Language is very quaint and expressive and although in this country at least they have limited vocabulary left they manage by ingenious compounds to say all they want in it. The origin of the Gypsies is a problem which has never been entirely solved. The appearance of the Gypsies in Western Europe was in the year 1417 when a band of 800 under the guidance of three shrewd and intelligent leaders asked and obtained from the Emperor Sigimund the Pope and other Sovereigns leave to travel their domains, they gave out that they were immigrants from “ Little Egypt” that they had relapsed from Christianity into heathenism and had been conquered by the King of Hungary,who imposed upon them a penance of 50 years wandering as pilgrims before returning to their native land. It is needless to say that the story had not a word of truth in it, but the name Egyptians has clung to them ever since in this country though they are elsewhere known to Gentiles as Tchingaine Zingari or some modification of the name. They first made an appearance in England about the year 1480 in bands consisting of from 30 to a 100 families travelling in light carts and camping by night wherever a convenient spot presented itself. The women told fortunes pilfered coins from trade-men's counters and drugged baulors( that is poisoned pigs) just as they do at the present day, while the men worked at tinkering basket making and the like and occasionally varied the monotony of their existence by stealing a horse and taking to the highway. Their lawless nomad life soon brought them under the suspicion of the authorities and they were accused of and punished for their crimes and many others which they never thought of committing. During the reign of Elizabeth they were persecuted with exceptional rigour and nothing but their persistent nationality and healthy vagrant habits could have saved them from extermination.

1881-DECEMBER 9th
Justice weaver of Lafayette Indianapolis had the honour of marrying EDWARD BREWER to ELIZABETH STANLEY both being members of a band of English Gypsies. When all was ready for the ceremony the bride compelled the groom to make an oath on the bible that he would never touch a drop of Liquor without her sanction.

1881-JULY 28

The Queen of a band of Gypsies encamped at Erie Pa owns stock in New York Pennsylvania & Ohio Rail-road a farm near Dayton Ohio and horses worth $60.000. Her name is AMELIA WELLS and her age is sixty-years.

1881 28th July Titusville Pennsylvania
The Queen of a band of Gypsies encamped at Erie Pa owns stock in: NEW YORK PENNSYLVANIA & OHIO RAILROAD a farm near Dayton Ohio and Horses worth $60.000 . Her name is AMELIA WELLS and she is 60 yrs of age. born 1821 in England 1881-AUGUST 4th A band of Gypsies consisting of a dozen wagons about forty people and nearly as many dogs are encamped on the North bank of the Maquoketa River Iowa near the bridge. They attracted quite a crowd from town on Sunday.

1881-MAY 12th
MISS Britannia BIER of Wagram Licking County who died recently was daughter of the Late Gypsy Queen ,the remains were placed in a vault to await the gathering of the Clan.

1882 August 17th The Herald Dayton- John Bryer A Gypsy died in London Madison County last Sunday aged 654 years. Deceased was born in Taunton Somersetshire England. He has resided for a number of years at Magram Licking county , where the remains will be interred next Sunday August 20th . Bryer was a Gypsy of Considerable prominence and belonged to the STANLEY tribe of this county. His life has been interesting full of Romance. The funeral will be conducted by Gypsies from Dayton in the manner peculiar to this class of Pepole.

1882-AUGUST 26th
Bryer the Old Gypsy King who has been camping near London Ohio for some months past died two weeks ago last Sunday He was a Native of Taunton Somerset-shire England. The Gypsies all over the country were notified and a great many of them were present, the large band that passed through this place last week were no doubt on their way to attend the funeral.
Another article same person : At close of the Week a large number of Gypsies were congregating at Columbus Preparatory to attending the Funeral of John Briar one of their number who died recently at London Ohio

1882 May 30th Albany New York THE LOVE OF A GYPSY PRINCE
Cincinnati May 30th - Three miles north -west of Dayton a community of Gypsies own farms on which they reside in winter. In summer only a number sufficient to cultivate the land remain, while the rest go wandering about the country SUGAR STANLEY known as the Gypsy King is one of the largest land and property owners in the settlement. His son RICHARD STANLEY a handsome well formed youth of 23 has fallen madly in love with a MISS CAYLON the daughter of a farmer near Brooksville Montgomery County, he first met her a year ago when encamped near Brooksville.
The young lady came to Dayton recently where Richard has been devoted in his attention to her. The Gypsy King and all of Richard's other relatives are bitterly opposed to this state of affairs. The father says it is contrary to the rules of the race for anyone to marry out of it. He called for Richard's arrest a few days ago ,but the case was dismissed. Yesterday Richard applied to a magistrate for protection against his father's persecutions ,but as the application was not formally made nothing came of it. He was accompanied to the magistrates office by a brother of his sweetheart,he says his father has knocked him down , pointed a pistol at his head and threatened to kill him. He says further that is is tired of Gypsy life and means to abandon it, the father has selected a gypsy girl for him whom the young prince says he detests, the King says he will sell out and leave the country and show Richard no more mercy

1882-JULY 24th
A GYPSY ENCAMPMENT Telling Fortunes to Giddy Folk and raking in the Shekels
Over one thousand persons yesterday visited the gypsy encampment in the woods near 20th Street and Susquehanna Avenue. There are 6 men 5 women and half a dozen children in the party and 6 horses and wagons 5 tents and a large lot of kitchen utensils are the property the gypsies possess, Several old crones afford amusement to the gullible ones and reap a silver harvest themselves by telling fortunes. To a reporter the gayly dressed Queen after having her palm crossed with silver begun to tell things of the past present and future in a rather free style she imparted to the sceptical scribe that he was desperately in love and about to wed a beautiful girl with blue eyes and fair hair- which was rather startling intelligence as her listener was already married ! A party of girls sought to have their future told and after paying the customary fee heard with delight they would all marry rich handsome men . This is the same party of Gypsies that encamped near Oakdale Park for the past 2 months.

Friday morning July 28th Mrs EMMA YOUNG a Gypsy died at the temporary encampment of her tribe near Fair Grounds.
Her age was 33 years and she had been sick with consumption for 8 years.
She was called a Gypsy Queen
by some newspaper correspondents but whether she was or not isn't exactly known
. Certain it was that the family consisting of herself ,husband and several children were quite poor in consequence of her long illness.
Mr Young raised the money necessary to defray the funeral costs a short time before her death from the sale of a horse which he had vainly been trying to sell for a year.
The funeral was held the following Sunday and the remains were placed in the vault at Cedar Hill Cemetery.
It was expected that there would be some peculiar Gypsy ceremony at the grave, but when the interment took place yesterday there was nothing unusual. About 8 0.clock a dozen Gypsy men women and children including the husband and brother of the dead woman went to the vault. The sexton and his assistants carried the coffin to the grave in the cast part of the cemetery near where Jackson Shackleford is buried.
The Gypsies followed and stood reverently by the men with uncovered heads until the the coffin was lowered, nearly all were weeping, then sat around near in the shade until the grave was filled. Several of them went out again today to see that the grave was properly sodded. Mrs Young was a native of Yorkshire and was a woman of gentle demeanour and used refined language thus showing some evidence of culture, before death she frequently talked of her faith in God and Heaven, thus ends the history of Emma young The Gypsy Queen .

1882-FEBUARY 24th
Singing I plod By wayward Fancy Lead Trusting in God Who the Sparrows still Hath Fed ” A curious crowd of children and grown people have filled the narrow limits of Grand Avenue yesterday morning opposite the vacant lots where the Gypsy camp is localized. A couple of Police officers in ceaseless monotone ordered the crowd to Keep away from the fence The body of the dead Gypsy lay in one of the tents in a handsome and rich casket. His family and friends filed the tent mourning their lost. They were none of them dressed in mourning as it it understood by others , but in richly bright colours. Noticing the reporter's surprise at this the man who rents the lots to the Gypsies said they are rich some of them very rich, they pay a good rent in gold and in advance for the ground they occupy., there is some man in yonder tent who is probably worth $100.000, hard to believe? Well the men carry on an extensive horse trading and the women earn a great deal more money by telling fortunes. They live cheaply but not meanly and save much. At The ODD FELLOWS Cemetery where the burial took place the simple service of the Lutheran Church were read by Rev J M Bushler. During which the mourners stood silent at its end the young people stood around until the grave diggers had filled the grave then the girls of the tribe planted a bunch of flowers at the head the foot and middle of the soft earth. Everything that had ever been used by the dead man or a upon him was burned Even the undertaker's appliances the pall stools etc were purchased and burned. The Under-taker had said some of things they burned I cannot replace this side of New York, but they would not let me taker them away. In the early morning before the funeral the dead man's sisters burned a robe a harness, a watch and other jewellery which he had owned. There was a number of Gypsies from the Oakland camp at the Funeral

1882 April 22nd

There was a notable Gypsy Funeral in Dayton Ohio on Tuesday the bodies of the 16 year old wife of BUSH STANLEY A 3 year old son of LEVI STANLEY whose death occurred in Bolivar County Mississippi 2 weeks ago before Christmas and CHARLOTTE STANLEY who died 7 years ago being all interred in the same grave. The Dayton Democrat says that the attendance was quite large tenet dwellers having come from all parts of the country- from New York to Mississippi- to be present at the funeral of one of the Gypsy family to whom have common consent the prerogatives of Royalty have been conceded although unclaimed by any rights.

1882 June 26th

A Gypsy named CHARLES STANLEY in whose veins flows the blood of the Romani Kings and SAM WARD the coloured tough, intently let out of the Prison were arrested for drunk-ness and disturbing the peace Saturday night, Ward got fined $3.00 and costs and the Gypsy $1.00 and costs,
Straight away the Gypsy pulled a wallet and paid his fines.

1883 Buffalo New York A GYPSY WEDDING : Son of the Chief of the Band Now in Town Quietly Elopes with Pretty Bohemian
As handsome a couple as ever went to the alter were married on Wednesday morning when Morning Justice Harrington suited in wedlock MR WILLIAM BROADWAY JR and MISS TRIADDY SMITH . Both gypsies of striking beauty, the groom is the Son of the Chief of a Gypsy band now encamped on Seneca Street near the city line. He is 23 years old , His bride belongs to the same band. As marriages generally are encouraged by gypsy parents this one was quietly performed without the knowledge and consent of the families. It is said the bride came down town with her mother for dinner and shortly before the appointed time for the ceremony slipped away from her and hurried to the place where the groom awaited her and the knot was tied. This place was within a block of Police Headquarters. The grooms brother Tom and a friend named PALMER and a girl friend of the bride were the only gypsies present. Doorman Richard Collins of Police Station No 1 was best man and Poor -master Esauch, Deputy Poor-master, Arnold, Detective Flyn and Couglin Patrol-man Ted O'Donnell and a few others were witnesses. The couple took a lake shore train for the West , Brother Tom was left to smooth over the affair in the camp and by the time they return they will be received and blessed by the respective parents.

1883 -June 9th One of the Gypsies eloped yesterday with Chief STANLEY'S wife and there was great excitement in the camp .

1883 June 15th There is to be a gathering of all the Romanian Gypsies in the Country at Utica in July to do honour to their Queen whose name is MARY LOVELL and who is now with a band in camp at Philadelphia at least this is what her son who is Chief of the band says. According to the story Queen Mary who has just arrived in this country to look after the welfare of her subjects is recognized by all the wandering tribes of Romania, she is 76 years old and succeeded to the sovereignity upon the death of her mother QUEEN ANNE many years ago.

Queen of the Gypsies of the united states died at Greenfield Tenn – March 10th and was buried today, the gypsies are encamped all about the city to the number of 1.500 travelling by wagon from all parts of the country, The Queen was embalmed and laid out in Nashville Tenn
immediately upon her death and when brought to this city where her tribe own considerable property and a large lot in Woodland Cemetery where lie buried the former Queen & King of the Gypsy tribe of this nation, she looked beautiful, she was in a handsome casket made of the finest wood and lined with the finest silks and satins and mounted with gold and jewels. The lot belonging to the Gypsies is marked by a beautiful and monument of granite shipped from Greece, the funeral procession which was composed entirely of Gypsies formed in the northern section of the city and marched to the southern extremity of the city where the cemetery is located. At the grave a rope was stretched around it leaving an enclosure large enough for the mourners to stand ,the funeral services were conducted by one of the leading pastors of this city with the choir of his church. There were stifled cries and sobs as the mourners gathered about the grave, the preacher referred to the deceased whom he had known personally in life, she had been a Christian ,he said and the bible she had worn with reading was placed at her feet.

1884 Auburn New York
John Small & Peter Guy
2 Gypsies of large statue and an Italian accent with their blood made yet wilder by potions of whisky straight wandered into the office of Smith Bros livery stable on Water Street this afternoon and began a boisterous and profane dispute over a matter of horse trading
John Wesley coloured one of 2 men left in charge of the office ordered the gypsies out and advanced to enforce his order.
The wild wanders turned toward Wesley and Peter Guy paid his respects to the darky with a blow to the face which sent the plucky coloured man flying across the office. John was quickly on his feet again and clinched with the Gypsy out on the walk, where the latter got the advantage after a struggle, getting Wesley down the infuriated Gypsy proceeded to claw scratch with his finger nails ubtil the darky's face presented a terrible sight, the skin being torn blood running out in streams. Word reached the police office quickly of what was going on, before they arrived however both gypsies had run across the street and Guy had effected an escape by going through Bartholomew Stable's to Dill street and then down State street to the camp, which is said to be down by the beech tree below Camoga Mills. Small who had his little son with him was taken over the situation and locked up. On the information of a credible eye witness a warrant was made out for Peter Guy and police officers sent to the camp to serve it. The fight occurred at 2pm and at the writing of this report the officers had not returned from the camp.

In a little dome shaped tent near the railway station at EL MORA NEW JERSY the body of the late ROSANNA LOVELL a Queen of the Gypsies lay in state yesterday from early afternoon until far into the night. Three wax candles stuck a upon three crooked sticks burning at her head, cast a mellow light a upon the glistening casket and upon the white muslin draperies of the weather stained tent. Camp fires surrounded by groups of men women and children in whispered conversation sent long lines of smoke trailing across fields and in the early twilight shoe dimly like beacons far at sea, causal visitors came and went, the horses stamped uneasily and dogs like skulking shadows prowled from tent to wagon with hungry restlessness, horse trading was stopped fortune telling ceased for a day the Queen was dead. Strictly speaking ROSANNA was not a Queen at the same time it maybe said there are no Gypsy Queens in this country although many claim the title. Rosanna never claimed to be a Queen although in point of age influence and worldly prosperity she ranked above all strolling fortune tellers in America. She was born in England about 102 years ago until 1870 she roamed over England telling fortunes in villages in the suburbs of the cities and at country fairs. In 1870 she came to America and continued the same nomadic life. Her husband WALTER LOVELL to whom she was married very many years ago accompanied her and did profitable business Horse trading with venturesome strangers. He is now about 76 years of age and is hale and hearty as though he was scarcely 50 He is BOSS of the LOVELL & SMITH band. Rosanna was his wife there was no Queen except in the imaginations of romantic minded people in the provinces, the Band in number of about 30 with 16 wagons came from near Oakdale Park Philadelphia about a week ago, at that time ROSANNA was taken ill , A physician who was called in said she was dying of old age. On Wednesday night she died, She will be buried today in EVERGREEN CEMETERY Two years ago ROSANNA and her band performed in the ROMANY RYE at Booths Theatre in this city She liked the experience very much, WALTER LOVELL and others of the band own houses and lots near Elizabeth N J.

1884- April 12th A GYPSY CHIEF - The Bride of a Gypsy hotly pursued- she is stolen again Youngstown Ohio April 13th – WILLIAM WELLS is the leader of a large band of gypsies encamped east of the city and has a wife and 6 daughters. The second daughter AMELIA 18 years old is a handsome brunette ,recently while in Mansfield Ohio she became enamoured of a gypsy gent named WILLIAM STANLEY known as one of the best horse jockeys in Ohio, Stanley asked permission to make her his wife, but the father refused and the couple eloped, but were captured the same day and since then the daughter has been closely guarded. Last night while camp slumbered Stanley appeared with 2 fleet horses gently awakened his sweetheart and placing her on one and mounting the other were soon miles away on the road to happiness . At daybreak her absence was discovered and the men in the camp dispatched in every direction in search of the couple, but no clue was obtained and Stanley and his sweetheart are doubtless married and laughing at the ruse they played on the father
1884 September 30
Baltimore MD
Sept 30th – A young man named Griggs well known in social circles in Baltimore and Westminster eloped Sunday night with a pretty Gypsy girl, for 2 weeks past a handful of gypsies have been encamped near Westminster ,one of the young women noted more particularly for her beauty fascinated Griggs
On Friday night a gypsy dance was given at Duncan's Hotel Westminster and the beautiful gypsy received devoted attention from her admirer, Sunday night they planned to elope and were seen on route to Griggs mother's home in this city , the mother was a highly respectable woman and well to do, she was terribly shocked upon hearing of her son's conduct.



The readers of The News have not forgotten the mention of a gypsy maiden who eloped with a man called Griggs of Baltimore while her people were encamped near Westminster on the night of 28th
.She was overtaken by the leader and returned to camp where a strict guard is a upon her.,
This same group of gypsies is now encamped in Diffendal's woods near this city and members of the tribe can be seen daily on our streets, many young ladies have visited the camp and talk of the young Queen;s great beauty and that a strict watch is kept over her to prevent a return to her lover.

1884-September 29th (ENGLAND)
A remarkable Funeral took place at Plymouth England, recently when SAMUEL SMALL King of the gypsy tribe and belonging to jersey was buried in the public cemetery, his funeral was attended by extraordinary number of gypsies who were attired in their quaint costumes. Small wife now becomes Queen of the tribe.


Under the above title in the August Century Charles G Leland writes of CHARLOTTE COOPER one of the oldest and most famous of the Romaines. 50 or 60 years ago the gypsies in England were much more remarkable a race than today. The railway had not come to break up their habits there were hundreds of lonely places in dell and dingle to pitch a tent.
At this time the last of those being a man boxer in the prize ring JEM MACE a distinguished prize fighter of gypsy origin, another such character was that of JACK COOPER the Kurumengro Rom or Fighting Jack Cooper he was husband of Charlotte Lee of his tribe and it was in 1830 that Leslies the Royal Academician led by her fame and beauty chose to paint her and the picture is now in New York in his sister's possession , Miss Emma Leslie.A few days ago I was speaking to her people kin of Charlotte near Philadelphia I was asked if the inscription on the painting the Rinkeni that is the beautiful one was I meaning Charlotte ?

1885 August 16th
The American Gypsy is considered a horse-thief and robber of chicken roosts. He is considered as always a covetous of the children of white persons, true his wagon and tents are crowded with children , some of whom are fairer than their parents, but never in the camp of the true gypsy would you find the off spring of those not of their blood. Often when young the gypsy off spring is quite fair of skin and light hair, but it goes black with years.Many persons insult me about my little girl ” said Handsome NANCY SPARROW, “ They say to me , Is she your child ? ” I answer yes she is my own, but they have that look of disbelief and do think its not my child but a stolen child .. Does not the Gypsy true become dark of skin and hair as they grow , but many are born fair and light like the whites , but it is because of the climate. Nancy sparrow spoke the truth, the gypsy is bound by a mighty tribal oath to nought but evil intent any not of his blood. Every year as soon as the snows melt on nearly every road radius of 500 miles of Chicago can be seen Gypsy trains wandering towards the Metropolis, the yearly meeting place of the Gypsies such as STANLEY & BUTLER. There is another class of Roadsters of European race increasing in this country, who the Gypsies consider Halfs-Halfs, they are considered by the True Romany as not of their kind , but many Gentiles see them only as Gypsies because they like the True Romany wander the roads. ********************* 1886 April 16th Adam Stanley the Gypsy who killed a Negro on a steamboat the other day and jumped into the Ohio River where it was thought he drowned has turned up alive and dry in Jeffersonville

Lawrence Massachusetts Aug 28th - for several weeks a number of Gypsies have been encamped near this city who have braided baskets and sold them in the streets. The men ride about the city and surrounding towns and trade horses, there are 5 families in the band and 2 of these are named COOPER although not related each other SAMUEL COOPER has a daughter MURIELLA who was the most beautiful of all young gypsies in the Camp and WILLIAM COOPER loved her, but her parents objected to a match between the two and tried to prevent a meeting late yesterday afternoon William Cooper went from camp for a stroll and a short time after ward his sweetheart Muriella Cooper went into the city with her other gypsy girls to make purchases, before they returned Muriella had disappeared and has not yet returned
William Cooper also is missing and it leaked out that they took a late train for Boston in company.
They were traced as far as the Boston and Maine depot by the father of the girl, but there all trace ended. Muriella took with here $100 in cash belonging to her father

1886 JUNE

A camp of English Gypsies was settled two weeks ago in South Orange Avenue in the outskirts of Newark.
Among the possessions was a pretty pony Joseph Eckett of No 304 West Kinney St Newark took a fancy to the pony, and undertook the hazardous risk of a horse trade, he owned 2 poor horses and a buggy and these he took to the camp yesterday and offered them in exchange for the pony to the chief VALLEY HARRISON a swarthy black haired Englishman, after some haggling a trade was made Eckett giving $20 besides his team,In driving the pony away he discovered it was broken-winded, returning to the camp he accused Harrison of bad faith the two men resorted to a beer shop to talk over the matter and the horse and buggy which Eckett had traded stood at the door, while they were quarrelling the rig disappeared Harrison accused Eckett of theft and the quarrel resulted in arrest of the 2 men.
Eckett did not deny he had been privy to the theft ,Harrison was fined $5 for disorderly conduct and Eckett was locked up.

Boston July 21st – MARCELLA COOPER the Gypsy Queen who is charged with embezzlement of $ 132.650 from Mrs Marietta Rink was arraigned this morning, the case being beyond the jurisdiction of the district court Mrs Cooper was held in $1.500 for the Superior Court

The young Gypsy Queen who died in child birth at Jackson Mississippi December 31st was buried in the Gypsy plot at Woodland today with all the funeral honours accorded in the gypsy burial service
At her death the body was embalmed and sent here to wait the gathering of her subjects at the burial . She was the daughter of HENRY & TALLIE JEFFERYS who own large tracts of land in this country and are related to the STANLEY TRIBE who reign over about 20 tribes that make their summer camp in this valley. She was 25 years old very beautiful and idolized by her subjects, she succeeded Matilda Stanley who died in Tennessee in 1884 and is buried here. OWEN & HARRIET STANLEY the 1st King & Queen are also buried here, at the funeral a young girl of gypsy origin dressed in bright colours criedGood Bye Gentie God-bye sweet Queen”.


I noticed an editorial item recently said one of our citizens relative to the immigration of Gypsies and their transfer from New York to the Gypsies home in Ohio. It reminded me I am tolerably familiar with the Dayton Gypsies They are wealthy for a tribe of about fifty or seventy five they own three or four farms all well stocked and equipped with fine buildings. It is estimated that in al they are worth several millions in property cash mortgages bonds and other security They cultivate their land in summer using none but the best materials and implements and in winter go south to their property making the journey by teams and passing in horse trading. They do not occupy their houses in summer, but they are doubtless are used in winter by them.
The man SUGAR STANLEY is his name who brought his family from England is the KING of all the Gypsies in USA and he traces his ancestry to his royal Gypsy blood of Hungary.
Stanley has only been King for a few years before him his father filled the place while preceding him a woman called JEFFREY was the ruler, the sceptre descends in direct line of inheritance if possible but the JEFFREY Queen died childless and the wand of power fell to the Stanley's,
The Queen was carried about in a magnificence Chariot glided and mirrored in royal style and was inhabited by no one else,
She did not work only told fortunes,
Stanley is an excellent business man and he manages all the immense interests. He can count money or keep track of a game of seven up but when it comes to a drove of stock or a crowd of people he has to use his fingers.
The people of the tribe stick to each other until death and they even succeeded in getting one of their number acquitted of murder once. When the Queen died she was buried according to Christian rites, the ceremony being witnessed by ten thousand people

1886 July 20th
July 20th - Inspector Pinkerton of police headquarters arrested late this afternoon MRS MACELLA COOPER of Somerville on a charge of embezzling $ 14.000 dollars from Mrs Rink
Cooper is a full blooded Gypsy 60 years old dark and swarthy in complexion with sharp and piercing black eyes peculiar to her race. Among the Gypsy race in Somerville she is called Queen and married to RICHARD COOPER well known Brothers Cooper horse dealers in Somerville. While her husband was away she asked of Mrs Rink to borrow money totalling 14.000 when requested she pay amount back Cooper said her husband was still away on business Mrs rink put matter in hands of lawyer and immediately Cooper disappeared thought to be in Canada but was hiding within her people in the city . She will appear in court tomorrow and has admitted she had the money over several years .


1887 February 16th
Luxurious nomads who own the Sway of an American Queen How they live during winter – “ You don;t want to say anything about us, we are not in the show business , nor do we want to be boomed in the newspapers, nor politicians looking for fame or honours, nor are we as bad as some say, nor do we deserve the notoriety that is sometimes put a upon our race by those who know little or nothing about us .” The speaker was WILLIAM BROADWAY a son of UNCLE JOHN BROADWAY, the venerable counsellor of one of the leading Gypsy tribes in America, which is represented in Buffalo by several families that always spend their winters here. The Broadways live in Folsom Street in a storey and half house that they rent for the season. There are other gypsy families belonging to other tribes living at Cold Springs, The Hydraulies and Black Rock, but the Broadways included the HARRISONS & SMALLS who all belong to one tribe and generally recognized as the more cultured and respected and better educated of the Gypsy race.There are Gypsies & Gypsies ” said Broadway “ The trouble is people confuse the two and the good suffer the prejudice created by the bad, we sometimes run across them in our travels, but we never associate with them, you will see red headed and light complexed people among them, which is a sure sign that they are not gypsies, because the real Gypsies are swarthy hued black eyed with black hair and his veins are filled with pure and adulterated blood of our Egyptian ancestors.”I can tell a gypsy at a glance communicate by signs that are intelligible only among our people, most of the tribe are Free Masons and recognized the world over. There is no Queen of the Gypsies in United States, in the sense she rules over all the Gypsies, there are several Queens of Tribes in this country, we have a Queen our tribe is one of the oldest and she still lives, a white haired woman, advanced in years , but we respect, our Queen goes back to England and returns again in the Spring, she is the oldest Gypsy Queen now in the world alive. The Wagons are stored in TAYLOR'S mammoth warehouse, the handsomest is that of John Broadway and is a very costly affair. From they 1st May they travel until about the latter part of October.

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